TikTok lookalike Zynn is a carefully modern-day app. It offers managed to elbow aside the extraordinarily well-known video clip software to top the usa combined Android and iPhone maps. Its business design, however, sounds distinctly old-school.

Many social media marketing apps enable users with vast followings to reap some income from their particular movies. Zynn goes one step further, letting its users make things redeemable for money for seeing videos and bringing brand new people aboard.

Genius or foolhardy? Users are split, according to analytics firm Sensor Tower. Most are evangelical about an app that generally seems to allow them to generate income at any given time when millions of jobs are now being lost. Genuinely talking zynn (sic) is simply too advisable that you be true, gushed person who claimed to own pocketed $300. Other individuals complain that promised payment has failed to arrive.

Pyramid-style schemes have actually shown a popular, if controversial, way for organizations to create clients in the past. Even in the tech world, dropping cash on which start-ups want to phone customer purchase is a rite of passageway. Recall that at the peak for the ride-sharing fight in China protagonists Uber and Didi had been both burning through $1bn annually. The twist is Zynn is playing a lengthier game investing in traffic which it will probably consequently should used to attract marketers or any other resources of income.

That alone is not any explanation to dismiss Zynn as a one-week wonder. The organization behind the app is Owlii, which began life simply four years ago as a small grouping of PhDs from Beijings elite Tsinghua University. Owlii is backed by Shunwei Capital, a mainland-based venture capital company chaired by Lei Jun, creator and chief executive of Xiaomi telecoms team.

That places it in some wise business. Shunweis 300-strong portfolio includes numerous video-sharing applications, including Tencent-backed Kuaishou (whoever logo design in addition adorns Owliis website), iQiyi, that has been spun out of google Baidu, and ByteDance, owner of TikTok. Nothing can beat hedging your bets.

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