Californias top prosecutor has had his most aggressive action yet inside the attempt to force uber along with other gig economic climate companies to take care of their staff as employees.

Their state attorney-general xavier becerra, backed by city lawyers in san francisco, los angeles and hillcrest, on wednesday filed a request for an initial injunction in their suit contrary to the gig companies.

If awarded, it could suggest the firms must reclassify their staff in a matter of weeks.

The movement will undoubtedly be talked about at a hearing as a result of happen on august 6.

The request came as about 50 uber drivers in bay area blocked the street away from home of this companys leader, dara khosrowshahi, demanding worker advantages and better arrangements for safety equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ive got a 90-year-old mother and a wife who has got cancer tumors, stated vernon, a 73-year-old motorist, just who went to the protest. i want money.

Drivers stated the influence of covid-19 had pushed all of them into the economic verge, not able to meet rent or mortgage responsibilities. organisers stated present pledges by mr khosrowshahi to guide the black life issues action had been disingenuous, offered numerous of the companys motorists, quite a few from minority backgrounds, are not becoming addressed with self-esteem and respect.

Ive come right here to protest an injustice, said alex, 56. this company is actually superiorly rich in the arms of workers.

The dramatic drop in ride-sharing because coronavirus lockdowns has taken the matter of gig workers legal rights on very forefront of californian politics, where almost all of the largest organizations tend to be based.

A law, california assembly bill 5, or ab5, arrived to force at the beginning of the season. it codified a supreme legal ruling that set out requirements for treating workers as workers versus independent contractors. the law happens to be used to use the gig economy businesses to court.

Uber warned an injunction would instantly place over 150,000 of their drivers in ca unemployed, and would cause price increases of between 25 percent and 111 percent, with less densely inhabited places many affected.

Almost all motorists need work on their own, the organization said in a declaration on wednesday.

Weve already made considerable modifications to your app to make sure that remains the situation under california legislation. whenever over 3m californians tend to be with no employment, our chosen leaders must certanly be dedicated to creating work, not wanting to shut down a complete business.

Lyft, ubers biggest competition in the us, stated: if the courts had been to grant the attorney-generals demand, it could have a devastating influence on countless californians within worst feasible time.

It included: we believe the process of law should allow the voters choose.

Uber, lyft and a few comparable companies have actually thrown over $100m behind a suggested a ballot measure, to be voted on in november, that would efficiently make workers for app-based services exempt from ab5. the coalition maintains their alternate measure would offer employees some defenses, such as for example at least earnings degree.