Kevin mayer will not be getting their fairytale ending at tiktok in the end. lower than 90 days after the former disney administrator traded his mickey mouse ears for viral party videos, he is stepping straight down.

His appointment had been a coup for tiktok but their stay won't be remembered fondly. part of mr mayers quick from tiktoks moms and dad organization bytedance would be to assuage us regulators concerns about the apps chinese roots. this has since inflated in spectacular fashion. assurances about host areas and cayman isles incorporation have-not stopped tiktok from becoming a geopolitical punching case.

This month president donald trump ordered a ban on application if bytedance would not offer its us possessions to an united states business within 3 months. mr mayers exit indicates tiktok understands its odds of battling a sale have got all but evaporated.

Mr mayer features most likely grown frustrated with washingtons intrusion and tiktoks more and more strange list of suitors. on thursday, store walmart declared that it was interested in teaming with microsoft in order to make a bid. which after that? mcdonalds? goldman sachs?

Walmart may covet tiktoks e commerce and advertising prowess. but being leader of a microsoft/walmart subsidiary addressing just the us and a handful of various other countries is a tremendously various business on international smash struck that mr mayer signed up to run.

Like most good disney storyline, cannot eliminate a remarkable plot angle. mr mayer features left disney once and came back. maybe he will achieve this once more.

Mr mayer assisted to orchestrate a sequence of successful disney purchases. he additionally oversaw the successful launch of disneys streaming service in 2019.seen as a possible successor to ceo bob iger, he left after he had been passed away over for the top task.

But that has been before the pandemic hit and forced disney to close its theme areas and cruise lines. the online streaming company is much more crucial than ever. mr mayer may choose to bid goodbye to geopolitical tussles and reach for their old ears.

Features mr mayer made the right move? or was this whole thing the fault of an overzealous white home? the lex staff is thinking about hearing even more from visitors. please inform us everything think in reviews section below.