The Silicon Valley tradition of top executives drawing simply $1 per year in income (accompanied by Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey among others) is bettered by Tesla chief Elon Musk.

His yearly wages tend to be correctly zero, relating to Teslas most recent filing, but there is however a tax-advantageous mother-of-all equity settlement plans behind this.

Tesla confirmed on Thursday Mr Musk had competent for to begin 12 feasible tranches associated with program, once the company had passed away functional milestones of $20bn in yearly revenues and a market capitalisation of $100bn. This provides him the option to get 1.7m shares at $350 each. He must wait five years to sell any, it is currently sitting pretty, using share cost at $812 representing a $780m profit. Teslas economy limit is $150bn and 2019 incomes were $24.6bn. Satisfying all 12 milestones could make him $50bn from the payment program conformed in 2018.

In contrast to Mr Musks high performance, no pay scenario, SoftBank disclosed today that head of its $100bn Vision Fund had obtained a 113 % pay rise, despite managing an $18bn value destruction of the assets.

Rajeev Misras pay rose from $7m in 2018-19 to $15m for year to March. Through the latest duration,the Japanese technology group suffered a historic reduction due to the implosion of WeWork and coronavirus hits towards funds major wagers, including the ride-hailing company Uber and hotel string Oyo.

1. Twitter hides Trump tweetTwitters temerity in accepting President Trump has been extended by its concealing of a tweet in which he said as soon as the looting begins, the shooting begins, which broke its guidelines on glorifying violence. The post about violent protests in Minneapolis emerged hours after Mr Trump signed an executive purchase designed to curtail the effectiveness of social media marketing businesses. Richard Waters says the probability of any serious switch to the way the systems work tend to be reduced.

2. Sony confident on PS5 suppliesSonys PlayStation 5 is on the right track for a complete worldwide launch later in 2010, according to the mind of the video-gaming division. There have been worries Covid-19 could reduce products of this long-awaited console, but Jim Ryan told Tim Bradshaw: It will probably ramp [up] throughout the summertime...people are quite astonished by this but our company is on the right track...We think well have volumes sufficient to support an international launch.

3. Secret Leap visionary CEO faces realityRony Abovitz, the co-founder for the mixed-reality mega-hyped start-up, is going straight down, letting it generate a unique CEO who are able to help us to commercialise our concentrated policy for spatial processing in enterprise, that will be nearly the consumer breakthrough in enhanced reality we initially anticipated.

4. Salesforce and Dell show virus resilienceTech organizations reporting later very first quarters have-been giving us a better picture of the results associated with pandemic. Salesforce still managed to increase product sales by 30 % with its one-fourth to April 30, nevertheless company cloud software provider slashed its revenue and profit forecasts for complete 12 months. Dell reported flat incomes for the quarter to May 1 with infrastructure sales decreasing, nonetheless it overcome Wall Street expectations on profits and earnings

5. Three game-changing ideasFT development editor John Thornhill argues we should get long-on the collective energy of peoples ingenuity within period of coronavirus. He poses three questions that may be answered within the impending many years and improve our resides in important means.

The BBCs Rory Cellan-Jones has got the tale associated with the 339 5GBioShield that claims to supply defense up against the supposed perils of 5G via usage of quantum technology, but which seems to be no more than a fundamental USB drive. The 5GBioShield USB Key restores the coherence of geometry of the atoms, makes it possible for an ideal induction for a lifetime forces, by (re-) producing a cardiac coherence, via plasmic assistance and interactivity, claim its producers. London Trading Standards says it is a fraud.