Skoda's Response To Tesla Price Cuts Is A $44,000 Entry-Level Enyaq

Skoda launches base model of Enyaq iV 50 in response to some markets requesting a cheaper car with shorter range.

Skoda's Response To Tesla Price Cuts Is A $44,000 Entry-Level Enyaq

Skoda introduced in Europe a new entry level version of its Enyaq electric SUV with a price starting at under $44,000.

Martin Jahn, Skoda’s head of Sales and Marketing, explained that the move was partly to counter Tesla’s price cuts, which began in January.

He said: "Of Course, this is in response Tesla's price cuts. But also, some markets asked us to bring a car that was cheaper and had a shorter driving range."

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Now starting at around $50,000 (45,000 Euros).

Skoda CEO Klaus Zellmer said to journalists at Skoda's headquarters near Prague that adding a new entry-level model is a better move than lowering prices, because it won't impact residual values. The Czech automaker is planning to launch

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The Skoda Enyaq 50 has a lower power output and battery capacity than the previous entry level variant, the Enyaq 60.

The Enyaq iV50 is only available in a rear-wheel drive configuration with a single electric motor. It's powered by a battery pack of 55 kilowatt hours (52 kWh total capacity), which feeds power to a motor mounted at the rear. This motor delivers 109 kilowatts and 146 horsepower, as well as 162 pound feet (220 Newton meters) of torque.

This configuration is available.


According to the WLTP cycle, it can cover up to 227 miles (366 kilometers) and accelerates from zero to 62 mph/100 km/h in just 11.3 seconds. The battery can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent of its capacity at DC fast-charging station in 36 minutes with a maximum charging power of 110 kW.

Enyaq's entry-level model, the Enyaq 50, is now even more affordable. Our customers can get a battery-electric car that is modern, offers a large range, and has enough space for their entire family. All this for less than 40,000 Euros.

Martin Jahn is Skoda's Board member for Sales and Marketing.

The Enyaq iV 50 starts at 39,990 Euros in Germany. It comes standard with 19-inch Regulus Bi-color Alloy Wheels, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, a Rear View Camera, an umbrella on the driver's side, the Design Selection Loft Interior, and a 13.2-inch Navigation System.

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Enyaq 50 will be sold in selected European markets, including Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. In some markets, the new lower price unlocks incentives.