Settlements in Global Class Actions Increased 142% in 2022, Broadridge Annual Class Actions Report Shows

ESG Investing and Cryptocurrency litigation Among Major 2022 Global Class Action Trends NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 2022 has been one of the busiest years for the global securities class…

Global Securities Class Actions' total settlement value increased by 142%. The fourth Broadridge Class Action Report, which is the fourth annually published by Broadridge, provides an in-depth analysis on the 10 most complex financial instrument class actions in 2022. More than 160 cases worldwide involving financial products and securities were identified in the report. The claim filing deadline for these claims was 2022. Broadridge's dedicated team of class action experts includes attorneys, client advocates and class action auditors. Data analysts, research professionals, client service representatives, and data analysts all have at least 15-20 years of experience in class actions. Broadridge's global services in class action are trusted by over 900 companies due to our industry expertise, worldwide reach and high standards. Broadridge's proprietary technology, processes, and backbone, the Advocacy Model, enable you to reduce risk and improve client experience. It also protects customer data and increases filing participation. We are experts in claims administration, antitrust litigation, and global securities litigation. This means we understand the importance of transparency, timeliness, and accuracy. Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE BR), a leading global Fintech company with over $5 billion in revenue, provides the infrastructure that powers investment, corporate governance, and communications to improve financial lives. Our technology-driven solutions drive business transformation for banks and broker-dealers as well as asset and wealth managers, public companies, and other financial institutions. Broadridge's infrastructure acts as a global communication hub, allowing corporate governance through the linking of thousands of mutual funds and public companies to millions of institutional and individual investors worldwide. Our technology and operations platforms enable the daily trading in more than $9 trillion worth of fixed income, equities and other securities worldwide. Visit URL for more information on us and the services we offer.
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