Quantified Common Ground Fund Has a Focus on a BRI Investment Strategy

Common Ground awarded five stars by MorningstarBLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Quantified Common Ground Fund (QCGDX) follows a BRI investment strategy that continues to…

Morningstar gives Common Ground five stars

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., February 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Jerry Wagner, founder, president, and senior portfolio manager at Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., the Quantified Common Ground fund (QCGDX), a BRI investment strategy continues to resonate with investors.

The Quantified Common Ground Fund, which was launched in 2019, invests in common stocks that are compliant with BRI (Biblically Responsible Investing). Morningstar gave Common Ground a 5-star rating for overall performance and 5 stars for the three-year period, compared with 370 U.S. blend funds.

Common Ground Fund uses the eValueator research instrument to screen stocks for ethical or moral considerations. FPI creates more than 50 stock baskets from stocks that have passed the BRI standard. These baskets are based on a variety of expert and fundamental methodologies. Flexible Plan then uses its "Evolution" tactical method to select the stock baskets that are available for sale or purchase. This results in a portfolio that is dynamically managed and diversifies, with stocks that meet BRI requirements.

Wagner stated that "we have discovered that the Quantified Common Ground fund's BRI investment focus is growing in appeal to investors who are looking for a choice for values-based and faith-based investing."

Flexible Plan Investments manages mutual funds and separate managed accounts with $1.6 billion under management. Advisors Preferred is a boutique asset manager. It manages mutual funds and distributes them to financial advisors.

Flexible Plan Investments has been providing advisors and clients with dynamic, risk-managed solutions for fund management for more than 40 years. Advisors Preferred president Catherine AyersRigsby stated that the Common Ground strategy is a solid addition to Flexible Plan Quantified's fund family.

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Quantified Common Ground was rated in comparison to the following U.S. Mid Cap Blend Funds during the following time periods. 370 funds overall, 370 funds within the last three years. The Quantified Common Ground Fund was awarded a 5-star rating for all Mid-Cap Blend funds and a 5-star rating for the last three years.

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Investing in the fund can result in you losing money. These risks are detailed in the prospectus.

Fund's BRI focus could cause it to miss out on investment opportunities that have a similar focus. Fund performance could be negatively affected by the exclusion of certain issuers due to reasons other than performance.

Any investment strategy cannot guarantee a profit, or a loss. It is impossible to guarantee that the funds will reach their investment goals.

Before investing, an investor needs to carefully review the fund's investment objectives, risks and charges. These and other information are available in the fund's prospectus and summary prospectus. You can call 1-855-650-7533. Before investing, it is important to read the prospectus.

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