Punches thrown on Southwest plane in Dallas, according to witness and video

Two passengers got into a fistfight on a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Burbank Monday, according to a witness.

Punches thrown on Southwest plane in Dallas, according to witness and video


According to video and a witness, punches were thrown at Southwest Airlines plane in Dallas on Monday. This was the latest instance of disruptive passenger behavior.

Phoenix-bound passengers were boarding Flight 117 at Dallas Love Field Airport on Wednesday when a man wearing a tan blazer approached another man and hit him with a flurry punches.

Johnson stated, "And the next thing you see he starts punching man."

She stated that passengers helped to de-escalate the situation.

Johnson's video shows the man wearing the blazer holding Johnson in his headlock, calling Johnson obscenities and calling Johnson names as the passengers attempt to intervene.

One passenger says "You guys stop it," while the other passenger shouts, "Get off him" and "Let go."

The video shows that the passengers were able to separate the men. The man in the blazer swings at his counterpart, as the video shows.

A passenger can be heard saying, "No!

Video shows the man wearing the blazer telling passengers after the altercation that the attacker approached his family aggressively. The man wearing the blazer said in the video, "Tell them what happened." "I will be in jail to assist you with your family.

Johnson claims that both men left the plane shortly before takeoff.

Southwest Airlines issued a statement acknowledging the incident.

The airline sent a statement to CNN stating that they commended the Crew for handling the situation as safety professionals and ensuring the comfort of other passengers. We don't have any further information except to say that the flight arrived on schedule and on time.

CNN was informed Wednesday by the Dallas Police Department that they responded to the incident. No arrests were made.

In 2023, travel disruptions are common

Unruly passengers are still a problem on flights across the country. This has led to numerous travel disruptions, including bird strikes, aircraft striking each others on the ground, and episodes of severe Turbulence.

According to the Justice Department, Monday saw a Massachusetts man arrested for allegedly trying to stab a flight attendant with a broken spoon three times on a flight from Los Angeles, California to Boston. He had attempted to open an emergency exit doors, but he was unsuccessful.

Francisco Severo Torres (33), is facing one charge of interference and attempted interfere with flight crew members and attendants using dangerous weapons.

Torres was detained at Boston Logan International Airport Monday. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday.