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The CEO ‘return to office or else' is having limited success in 2024

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This past month, some major companies have called workers back to the office five days a week, but they remain the exception. While many return-to-office mandates are still being set at less than pre-pandemic work norms, companies are becoming stricter with enforcement. For example, IBM recently announced that managers must be back at least three days, regardless of their location, or leave the company. According to surveys, most companies are expected to track office attendance more closely in 2024. Despite this, many companies are adopting a hybrid work environment and implementing stricter return-to-office policies. It is important for companies to consider that a critical mass of workers are still ignoring these mandates. Enforcement becomes challenging when leaders themselves are not complying with the policies. Additionally, employees are still seeking flexibility and value reasons to come to the office beyond video meetings. Companies that are too inflexible with their return-to-office policies risk losing talent and experiencing disengagement from employees. However, there are companies that are sticking to their in-office mandates and finding success in terms of employee compliance and improved business operations. Finding a balance between flexibility and employee-friendly policies is important.