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The Business of Being Lorne Michaels

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Article Title: Reflections From Lorne Michaels, the Creator of ‘Saturday Night Live’ #

In the early hours of a Sunday morning in May, the creator and producer of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) finishes the final episode of the 49th season. Lorne Michaels, the mastermind behind the popular show, reflects on the evening as the cast celebrates another successful season.

Although the cast and crew are jubilant, Michaels is his own harshest critic. He is haunted by the mistakes he perceives and questions some of the creative choices he made. Michaels admits that he will spend the weekend ruminating over every detail.

Michaels, now 79, has built an impressive entertainment empire through SNL. The show has stood the test of time, even as traditional television faces challenges. Despite his considerable influence, Michaels remains humble and avoids the limelight.

As a management guru of sorts, Michaels tackles the daunting task of managing talent, navigating media landscapes, and making important decisions. His ability to handle controversy with finesse has set him apart from his peers.

While some chief executives become the face of their brands, Michaels prefers to work behind the scenes. His dedication to the craft and relentless pursuit of excellence have contributed to SNL’s enduring success.