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A $30,000 Question: Who Will Get a Free Preschool Seat in New York City?

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In Brooklyn Heights, a couple in need of child care assistance is reconsidering their plan to have a second child due to the high costs and cuts to prekindergarten programs. In Bay Ridge, a mother is contemplating a move to a more expensive neighborhood to increase her chances of receiving free child care for her three-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, a mother in Stuyvesant Town is concerned about the future without access to a free program after losing her job. These stories reflect the challenges faced by families in New York City following Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to abandon plans for universal access to the city’s 3-K program. The decision to scale back the program has exacerbated the child care crisis and contributed to a rise in poverty. The Adams administration has reduced the city’s preschool budget by approximately $170 million to address the issue of vacant seats.