Perama Estates LLC a new player on Peru real estate market plans to merge with local property agent to reinforce its position on perspective market.

Company amalgamation is one of those forms of cooperation that allows reaching better results in shorter period of time. When common cooperation and alliances do not grant needed results the marked level legal entities may think of other forms of co-working. Company merger also enables gaining much higher level of integration. This also brings new opportunities for reaching better market standing. This is the best solution for the parties when the demanded resources or assets cannot be reached otherwise. Such relations are much stronger and much more reliable than the common partnership.
By merger the companies can reach certain benefits:

  • Strengthen technological advantage;
  • Reach higher level of competition;
  • Enlarge the range of goods and services to offer;
  • Reduce the time needed for the exploration of new sphere or target area;
  • Increase the powers or capital.

After analyzing all pros and cons of other forms of cooperation Perama Estates LLC decided to take a lead and establish this form of partnership with the local real estate investor. As a result of a thorough market research the list of the strongest competitors was formed and in the next quarter of 2020 the management of the company plans to move to legal aspects of the merger.
All the details of this deal along with newly acquired strategy and goals of newly created company will be announced in Q4 when all aspects are solved and firm goals are established. By that time Perama Estates LLC will proceed with the investment activity in Peru targeting the secondary market of real estate. Even after the merger operation property is likely to remain the number 1 target asset of this business vehicle.

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