Cyprus investor Novenburg Estates Limited is going to offer unique solutions in various regions of Chile for clients aiming at investments in rental real estate.

According to the latest update from local team of Novenburg Estates Limited located in Chile certain real estate units can be rented for almost any period. This makes such objects a perfect opportunity for investments. By placing a capital in condo or apartment units the clients can further let it on lease. Rentals of Novenburg Estates Limited can decided themselves what rate to set up. For those clients who do not want to deal with everyday management routine can transfer this responsibility to a professional.

There are many players like Novenburg Estates Limited who can offer property management services. With all the issues being regulated by skillful and experienced agent the owners and clients can be sure in getting stable income without any efforts taken.

The company is also going to implement such feature to its commercial real estate opportunities. Though this type of service not very popular for non-residential realty the experts of Novenburg Estates Limited still would like ot add this service to meet the requests of its foreign customers.
Ready-to-operate business is also in the plan list of Novenburg Estates Limited. After merger operation is complete the emerged business vehicle will be able to apply much more significant resources. The option mentioned above implies the creation of a commercial real estate premise with all required facilities. In case the customer would like to get a restaurant on the sea-shore of the target location Novenburg Estates Limited will go through all stages of project implementation delivering ready-to-operate object.

All these services and measures are created with the purpose of attracting attention of the potential clients to the opportunities located in Chile. This state is going to be a long-lasting source of realty solutions so right now the company does its best to establish stable business.

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