Most People Believe That Life In America Is "Worse" Than It Was 50 Years Ago

The author reflects on whether they would go back and live in 1973 if they could.

Would you go back to 1973 and live there?

This is a difficult question for me to answer.

It would be difficult for many people to adapt to a world that did not have the Internet or so many other technologies we use today. If we suddenly travelled back in time, I think we'd be shocked at how free people were. In 2023 there will be literally millions of laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations that govern our behavior down to the last detail. Many of us still believe that we're 'free,' but this hasn't been the case for a long time. Our society's values are also completely different than they were in 1973.

We can see the horrifying consequences of the cultural revolution that has taken place in the last 50 years.

There was never a time in U.S. History when life was perfect. Pew Research asked recently if Americans thought life in America was perfect.

"Is it better, worse or about the same than 50 years ago?"

A vast majority of respondents stated that the quality of life today is much worse.

Americans have a negative opinion of the way life is now. The survey asked if they thought life was better or worse in America than it was fifty years ago.

Over half (58%) said that they believed life was 'worse" for people like themselves than 50 years ago. This is a 15 point increase over the 43 percent of respondents who said the exact same thing in July 2021.

Only 23 percent of respondents said that they think life is "better" and 19 percent believe it's 'about the Same'.

It is obvious that 1973 was not one of the best years for Americans.

The fashions and economy were both in a bad state.

If you do watch

This 1973 street footage of New York City shows the streets in New York City.

You can see how people were happy and enjoying their lives.

Would I trade my life today for one in 1973?


If I had the chance to trade 1973's people and values for those of 2023 I would.

The character of our nation has fundamentally changed.

Mass killings and a spike in crime are occurring in major cities.

At a record pace

Our streets are filled with addicts and the worst criminals are in the halls.

We also live in a time where millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

They are afraid to leave home

Because our society literally is teeming predators. If you are a guest at a hotel, and the manager says he would like to check on you, this may not be a good idea.

He is worried about your air conditioner


A manager of the Hilton Hotel downtown Nashville was charged with aggravated theft and assault for allegedly entering a guest's bedroom and sucking on his toes.

Metro police reported that David Neal, 52, was the night manager of the downtown Nashville Hilton Hotel located at the 100 block 4th Avenue South.

The police said Neal made a card that he used to gain entry into the guest's bedroom on March 30, at about 5 a.m. He told police that he found Neal sucking his toes when he woke. The guest immediately confronted Neal, and recognized that he was the employee who came into his room with another employee the day before to fix a problem the guest had with his television.

Millions of people are just like him.

Some of them are even invited to the White House.

It is true that we do not have a southern border, so it's debatable if we are even a country at this stage.

Every day, thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants enter the U.S. This isn't only causing huge problems in border states.

Around 22 percent of students in Indiana's public schools are from minority groups

You will receive lessons in both English as well as Spanish


It's not only a problem for border states. Indiana is a good example. The police in Indianapolis have declared that the state capital has been declared a sanctuary to the invasion. WISH reported that in Indiana there were nearly 78,000 'English Learners,' students who received lessons both in English and Spanish. Since 2006, the number of English Learners in Indiana schools increased by nearly 27,000. FAIR estimates 22% of Indianapolis LEP students!

The migration surge that we've been experiencing is likely to continue now that Title 42 has expired.

an avalanche


According to reports, tens of thousands migrants are surging along the U.S. - Mexico border in anticipation of Title 42 expiring.

About 2,200 migrants live or camp on the streets in El Paso. This is a border city located between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso. Two vacant school buildings and an civic center are ready to be used as shelters if necessary next week.

In the coming years, the pace of social change will only accelerate.

I wish things could go back to how they were.

In our time, almost everything is corrupt. If I order a sandwich of chicken at a restaurant I would like to receive a piece that came from a dead bird.

Our 'chicken based products' are often filled with fillers like cellulose.


You can also find out more about the following:

'wood pulp'


Fried chicken is popular among millions of Americans, but the menus of America's largest fast food chains include other ingredients that you might not expect.

In order to reduce costs and extend the shelf life of their products, these restaurants often add preservatives, additives and other proteins to their food. Other restaurants may describe their poultry products using buzzwords like 'premium meat' or a 'white meat only'.

Some of the ingredients in chicken products are surprising, such as wood pulp, seaweed or beef.


Don't even start me on the

'meat glue'

Many of our meat products are held together by this glue.

Many people today eat organic because they want their food to be like it was 50 or 60 year ago.

Many of the "movements" that we see today are just attempts to recreate what America used to be like.

Each day we lose more and more.

There are many who remember the greatness of America in its earlier days and are unwilling to accept the new version that is being forced on us.

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