More than 45 million from Dallas to Milwaukee face severe weather threat of damaging winds and possible tornadoes

A powerful storm system threatens to batter states that are still reeling from deadly tornadoes.

More than 45 million from Dallas to Milwaukee face severe weather threat of damaging winds and possible tornadoes


As another storm system strikes, more than 45 million people in Dallas and Milwaukee face severe weather Tuesday. The threat of severe weather could be devastating for states still recovering from tornadoes.

Severe weather is coming to southern Missouri, northwestern Arkansas, and southeastern Oklahoma. The Weather Prediction Center warns that 'confidence in the potential of rare and dangerous overnight tornadoes or damaging winds is increasing'

Already, tornado-spawning tornadoes left 32 people dead and many others injured in the Midwest, South, and several other states. At least 50 tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down across multiple states, tearing apart homes as they plowed through.

The Weather Prediction Center warned that 'Many areas that were hit by severe weather forecasts in the past could be at risk again. It's important that everyone in the region closely monitors the latest forecasts and be ready to cover if warnings are given.

Next major tornado storm is expected Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning. Nighttime tornadoes can be dangerous.

On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, there is a moderate chance of severe storms affecting more than 3 million people in Springfield, Missouri and Cedar Rapids (Iowa). St. Louis, Des Moines, and Little Rock, Arkansas could also be affected by storms. Arkansas was also ravaged Friday by a severe tornado.

According to the National Weather Service, thunderstorms could cause strong tornadoes, large hail, and dangerous wind gusts Tuesday in the lower Missouri Valley, Upper Midwest, and parts of the southeastern Great Plains, into the Mid-South.

Missouri State Emergency Management officials advised that they were aware of the weather and had multiple options to get warnings. They also recommended that people stay on top of the forecast for any updates.

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight chance of severe thunderstorms in the Southeast from Tuesday morning through Wednesday morning. A few tornadoes may also be possible.

Fire danger in the plains is extremely critical

Some states are at risk of hail and tornadoes, but others, from Kansas to South Texas, will face increased fire danger due to dry brush, low humidity and gusty winds that combine to create ideal conditions for wildfires.

Over a million people are at risk from fire weather in parts of eastern New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, and western Kansas on Tuesday.

2:35pm CDT #SPC Day2 #FireWX Extremely Critical: east-central new mexico across the tx/ok panhandles and northwest oklahoma and into southwest and south-central kansas URL

-- NWS Storm Prediction Center (URL), April 3, 2023

Another 5 million are at 'critical' risk of fire from southern New Mexico to Southern Nebraska.

High wind alerts are in effect for more than 50 million people, from the West Coast to central Missouri. Wind gusts up to 60 mph can be expected. Red flag warnings have been issued for over 15 million people.