'Million Dollar Baby' producer shooting film in Las Cruces

'Million Dollar Baby' producer shooting film in Las Cruces

A new feature film is currently being produced in Las Cruces by the producers of "Million Dollar Baby".

The Line's story, which is about Emily, a filmmaker who "sets out to make a documentary on reuniting her with her estranged mom", takes a new turn when Emily's mother disappears. The film was produced by Gary Lucchesi (Million Dollar Baby), Aaron Kogan (5 Doctors), Steven Klein (Wrestle) and Michael McKay. According to a press release by the New Mexico Film Office, Pedro Kos ("Lead Me Home") will direct the movie.

Kos stated in a news release that he fell in love and was so inspired by Las Cruces, the area is now its own character, since we have rooted our story into the local community.

Around 60 New Mexicans are expected to be employed in the production.

According to the New Mexico Film Office, in fiscal year 2022 film, television, and digital media productions that operated in New Mexico spent over $855 million. This figure represents a 36% increase over the previous fiscal period and includes 55 film and 54 television productions in New Mexico.