M&T to leave 3 area office buildings, shift employees downtown

M&T plans to consolidate their offices, but no layoffs will occur.

M&T to leave 3 area office buildings, shift employees downtown

Keith Belanger is the senior executive vice-president of M&T Corporate Service Division. He said that M&T Bank consolidates its office space and will move about 400 Western New York workers out of three buildings in the area.

The Buffalo News reported that approximately 75% of affected employees would move to M&T Center on Main Street and One M&T Plaza in Buffalo. The remaining employees will be relocated to the bank's office on Holtz Drive, in Cheektowaga.

M&T says that no employees will be laid off as a result of this move. The change will only affect less than 5 percent of local staff at the bank.

The bank will be moving from 285 Delaware Ave., the Larkin Center of Commerce at 701 Seneca St. Buffalo and 40 John Glenn Drive Amherst.

Belanger stated in a press release that'relocated employees will be moving to areas where we are more visible and have the space to accommodate them'. The effort reflects the way teams are working today, which is to support collaboration, connections, and continual learning.

The move will be made in the next few months.

Belanger stated that the bank will focus its investment on its four main office locations along Main Street downtown.

Belanger stated that 'impacted employees and owners are both aware of the plans for the move, which gives owners an early start in re-marketing spaces we will be relinquishing'.