Six years back, during the early January, Herbert Gilbert bought an used Volkswagen Sharan minivan from a supplier in south-west Germany, for nearly 31,500.

The model, which had 20,000km in the time clock, contained a two-litre EA 189 diesel engine that has been to achieve notorietyover a yearlater, when VW admitted installing products built to defeatnitrogen oxide emissions tests in 11m vehicles.

On Tuesday, four-and-a-half years following the Dieselgate scandal broke, 65-year-old Mr Gilbert becomes the very first VW buyer having his interest in payment heard in Germanys highest municipal judge.

The ruling need implications really beyond the confines for the Bundesgerichtshof.

If judges within the town of Karlsruhe assistance Mr Gilberts request for the full reimbursement for the vehicles cost, Volkswagen could be forced to spend similar amounts to very nearly 100,000 claimants across Germany a scenario VW insists continues to be not likely.

The worlds biggest carmaker has spent more than 31bn on costs regarding the scandal, including a $10bn settlement in the US, reached simple months following the presence of cheat devices ended up being brought to light.

In its residence nation, but where Volkswagen ended up being purchased to recall 2.4m cars, the process is not as quick, with specific statements snaking their way through Germanys complex legal system, frequently overwhelming local process of law.

Volkswagen recently settled 235,000 such cases, following a mass suit, and has now paid out in tens and thousands of specific statements around the world.

But Mr Gilbert, who started his promotion at an area courtroom in the spa town of Bad Kreuznach, became a test situation as he refused such discounts, and challenged an early dismissal.

my loved ones happens to be operating Volkswagens for 50 years, he said last week, VW is definitely a mark of quality for people.

The purchase of a Sharan in 2014, Mr Gilbert stated, was the largest investment he had made in a car. He included which he have been lured by VW advertisements that highlighted the diesel machines environmental credentials by waving a white scarf against a cars tailpipe, which stayed unblemished.

We knew in regards to the must protect environmental surroundings and the issues with smog and it was clear if you ask me when i got myself a diesel, i might get the cleanest one from VW, he stated.

At the heart of Mr Gilberts claim is he inadvertently entered into an undesirable contract, that he wish to leave by going back the automobile to VW for the full reimbursement, plus interest.

Volkswagen, however, preserves he suffered no financial impairment, hence an application fix put in inside the automobile in 2017 eliminated the beat device.

Customers whom installed this revision, that was mandated by the countrys Federal engine Transport Authority, the KBA, failed to suffer any loss in value due to the computer software, and additionally they had the ability to utilize the car at any time, which thousands nevertheless do everyday, VW stated.

Claus Goldenstein, who owns the law company acting for Mr Gilbert, that also signifies 21,000 various other Dieselgate claimants, said the truth would offer legal certainty for customers.

On Tuesday, we will fight for a concept that will make sure the diesel scandal doesn't end, but rather truly begins now, he said.

However, Mr Gilberts instance is difficult by the undeniable fact that he would not purchase the vehicle directly from Volkswagen, but from a dealership. VW contends it was consequently not active in the agreement, and would not get the amount he's saying.

Whats much more, the Wolfsburg-based carmaker is certain that if judges award damages to Mr Gilbert, they're going to deduct the worth of this automobiles subsequent usage specifically the miles driven causing a somewhat smaller payout.

There is not a single instance into the higher regional courts that does not enable a deduction for the utilization of the home, the organization stated.

Volkswagen has additionally mitigated the possibility of an unwelcome verdict. The other day, the organization revealed that it had paid out around 750m in settlements with 235,000 proprietors, who had initially sued VW when you look at the countrys largest collective lawsuit.

Of those claimants, who'll obtain between 1,350 and 6,250 each, only 35,000 would still be able to decline the settlement and sue separately, if the court shows that it'll rule in Mr Gilberts favour.

Yet, Volkswagens appropriate problems are not likely is over quickly.

Last Thursday, EU advocate basic EleanorSharpstonadvised the European legal of Justice that a technology put in in the vehicles of several large makers constituted a defeat device.

Should her analysis be accepted by the ECJ, a flooding of the latest payment claims could follow, particularly when Germanys greatest municipal courtroom paves how by finding for Mr Gilbert.

An ECJ judgment may well make VW more liable to spend municipal problems for cars with [newer diesel] engines, stated Christopher Rother, a veteran attorney backed by Brit and American exclusive equity firms, whom hassigned up 12,000 specific claimants.

That is the highest risk for Volkswagen.