The Cyprus based real estate agent Interbono Estates marks significant rise of prices for apartments and other residential units in the capital of Paraguay.

Starting from 2017 the realty market of Paraguay has been under the spell of world recession. 2018 brought first changes to the market giving life to new real estate agents and bringing developers back. The change of weather on realty market created a new spark that now turns into a fire. Today property market of Paraguay is very hot. Local development programs created by the government of Paraguay also play role bringing higher volumes of oversea capital to this Latin American state.

Today the average price for square meter in apartment located in the center of the capital reaches the point of $3,185. Same unit located on the outskirts will be 2 times cheaper. In general the prices for realty are far from being the highest in the region. Still within the period of 2018 - 2019 the price for apartment rose by more than 15%.

Q1 of 2020 also turned out being positive proving all promising tendencies of the market. This point again attracts new residents and interested parties who seek stability and confidence in business environment. Paraguay can offer good climate both on sandy beaches and in almost any economy sphere.

Interbono Estates Limited also wants to take advantage over the situation exploring currently available opportunities. Being a new business vehicle on the market of Paraguay Interbono Estates Limited will have to take very careful steps and choose wisely as its domestic market is far from being alike to this country. Nevertheless the leaders of the company stay optimistic and plan to show good performance in Paraguay realty sector.

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