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Health & Wellness

Are you wondering why you forget things? Perimenopause is a common reason for midlife women.

WSJ readers love sandwiches and have ideas for healthier versions.

Americans love a heart bomb of sugar, salt and preservatives for lunch. Doctors believe there is a way to make a healthier sandwich.

The biotech company would be paid $229 per share for its innovative cancer treatments and the drugmaker would also pay cash.

Lesley Paterson, a champion off-road triathlete and five-time champion, also co-wrote the script of "All Quiet on the Western Front."

Late sunsets can often lead to later bedtimes. This can cause problems. This is how you can successfully navigate the time change.

The drug was not able to slow Alzheimer's disease in patients with the disease. It did not perform better than placebo in preventing it.

Covis Pharma, maker of Makena is planning to withdraw the drug after a failed study.

Recent research adds to growing concerns about the health consequences of sugar substitutes in baked goods and low-carb desserts.

Sequence, a digital health company that offers telehealth visits and doctor consultations, is being acquired by the weight-management company.

New research has shown that people should pay attention to how hard they walk when trying to lose weight.

A high-stakes dispute has erupted between private Medicare plans and insurers over a proposal that could reduce payments for popular Medicare Advantage plans.

Robert Califf, Commissioner, says that the formula market's consolidated nature still presents risks.

Artificial intelligence isn't the only tool doctors use to diagnose or spot potential dangers.

Telehealth startup has been restructuring and scaling back its operations.

Ken Rideout, a father of four, is about to race his sixth major international marathon.

Professionals who deal with anxiety have many surprising strategies.

A major medical condition or chronic illness can often lead to depression. Here are some things to consider.

As demand for mental-health services increases, some colleges offer training to undergrads.

If spouses have different interests, Platonic partners can be a great help in training.