As the world economic recession coming to its end our financial stability has acquired high quantity of business partners. Global housing market has got back to its previous condition. Still the decrease has clearly indicated that it is that moment to search for alternative finances or sectors for investments where the capital is safe and avoiding ill-effects of economic crisis. Real Estate that is said to be one of the most conservative investment tools that at this moment remain on the market, yet over exploring dramatic fall of costs on definite property sites shareholders started thinking of other options for asset protection.

Currently possible investors can find lots of options, still not one of these possibilities can be as attractive as crypto currency. This form of currency suggests plenty of benefits and nowadays continues gaining popularity. This form of funds only had 1 currency though currently can offer more than 8 different currencies: Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Dodgecoin, etc.

Obviously, not all fields are willing to accept any crypto currency as a payment form on a regular basis. Eventually, certain sectors like property already took on using BitCoin as a payment. First property unit was sold for crypto currency back in 2012. This was only the first case that indicated the right way.

Working with the trend Gelefos Estates LLC is also going to convert part of its capital in property sphere into BitCoins. Right now that is one of the most popular crypto currencies and marketing specialists consider that BitCoin will keep growing.

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