My column on air individuals difficulties in getting the refunds that they're legally entitled caused numerous responses, in both the responses section plus in e-mails. Readers had unique tales many, once we shall see, thought I'd already been unjust.

to produce up for the cancellation of ceremonies such as the Olivier Awards as well as the Turner Prize, i've made a decision to group the reactions into a series of prizes.

This is known as after Our Lady of Loreto, designated by the Vatican in 1920 due to the fact patron saint of aviation. The reward would go to below-the-line commenter Jacques5646, which said that as he felt sorry for those inexpensive users who've painstakingly saved the amount of money due to their yearly holiday, most people should consider the airline employees whoever tasks had been at stake additionally the air companies that risked going bust. Music-festival ticket holders had been keeping off on demanding refunds in order to save the activities money for hard times, he said. How about [doing the same for] your favourite airline (regardless of if it treats you more like cattle)?

This prize takes its title from villainous Harry Potter character that has, it transpired, really been undertaking valorous deeds all along. Last time, we shamed British Airways for providing vouchers online but needing people just who wanted refunds to call a number, which was often impossible to reach. BA has long been a villain because of this columns visitors, but at this juncture numerous leapt to its defence.

we phoned BA, got through in under two mins, had a complete cash refund provided within minutes and, notwithstanding here time ended up being a lender vacation, obtained the amount of money in my bank account two days later on, one audience emailed me.

This award is dependant on an interview Michael OLeary, chief executive of Ryanair, offered on FT in 2003, which he informed guests which asked for their money straight back because their particular granny had been ill: exactly what element of no refund dont you recognize?

One FT audience said that after months of waiting around for their Ryanair reimbursement, he contacted the airline via Twitter. We duly received an email that I foolishly believed might contain the information on my refund. Alternatively, it had a voucher attached. Easily would not wish this coupon I quickly should go through the website link for the full refund. Imagine where that took myself? Indeed, towards Ryanair web page where you can claim THE VOUCHER.

the principles don't require air companies to refund money if individuals granny is sick, however they do need a prompt reimbursement when routes are cancelled. Ryanair explained that whoever didnt desire a voucher would manage to get thier cash when this unprecedented crisis is over.

So the Granny Award goes, fittingly, to Ryanair, for its failure to learn the response to the question: Which part of the law don't you understand?

This visits Air France-KLM for palming down an FT reader by saying that a number of EU member states had asked the European Commission to amend the rule that people have a right for their cash back. Some governments have indeed made this demand, although Commission has said no.

exactly what clinched the award was the airline informing the customer that in Netherlands, the Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management, that has duty for transportation, instructed the Transport Inspectorate to simply accept that air companies do not have to refund the pass cost to guests inspite of the clarity for the EU legislation into contrary.

I'd hoped to present Air France-KLM with an effective trophy of a brass neck but, with factory closures, it has not been possible, thus I hope they will accept a coupon rather.

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