Former President Trump indicted by NY grand jury

Budowich's tweet is in response to the grand jury voting to indict Donald Trump. He says that this is not an indictment of a crime, because there was no crime. He says that this news is the indictment of a failed nation.

Former President Trump indicted by NY grand jury

Three sources with knowledge of the situation claim that a grand jury in Manhattan voted to indict Donald Trump.

This is the first time ever in American history a former or current president has been charged with a crime.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has been investigating former President Obama in relation to his alleged involvement in a cover-up and hush money scheme involving adult movie star Stormy Daniels, dating back to the 2016 Presidential election.

The decision will send shockwaves throughout the country and push the US political system into uncharted territory. It is the first time that an ex-president has been charged with a crime, let alone when running for office again.