Financial Review: Century Financial (CYFL) vs. Its Competitors

How does it compare with its competitors? Century Financial will be compared to other companies on the basis of their risk, earnings and institutional ownership. We'll also look at valuation, dividends and analyst recommendations.

Insiders & Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors own 40.1% shares in all 'Banks - Regional' companies. Insiders own 13.4% of the shares in all 'Banks - Regional' companies. has provided a list of the most recent recommendations made by its competitors and Century Financial.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score

Century Financial






Century Financial Competitors






Grouped together, the 'Banks Regional' sector has a potential upside of 347.18%. Analysts believe Century Financial is less likely to grow than its competitors, given the higher potential upside of their competitors.


This table compares Century Financial's net margins with those of its competitors, as well as their return on equity and returns on assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

Century Financial




Century Financial Competitors





Century Financial has a dividend yield 3.3% and pays a $0.90 annual dividend per share. Century Financial distributes 49.7% its earnings as a dividend. Grouped together, the 'Banks - Regional' companies have a dividend yield at 13.3%. They also pay out 18.8% in dividends. Century Financial is a lower dividend stock than its competitors due to its higher payout ratio and lower dividend yield.

Value and Earnings

This table compares Century Financial with its competitors in terms of revenue, earnings per Share (EPS) and valuation.

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Price/Earnings ratio

Century Financial




Century Financial Competitors

2.94 billion dollars

$595.46 Million


Century Financial's rivals have higher earnings and revenue than Century Financial. Century Financial's price-to-earnings is lower than that of its competitors. This indicates it is more affordable.

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Century Financial's competitors are better than Century Financial in 10 out of 10 comparison factors.

Century Financial Company Profile

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Century Financial Corporation is a holding company that operates Century Bank and Trust, which provides a variety of financial and trust service. The primary deposit products of the company include checking, saving, term certificates, and individual retirement account. The company also offers residential mortgages, home equity, auto loans, specialty items, debt consolidation, construction and business term loans, agribusiness and small business loans, real estate financing, lines of credit, letters of credit, and government loan guarantee programs. The company also offers account and deposit services, receivables services such as remote deposit, lockbox processing and merchant services, online and mobile banking, and services for direct payment and cash concentration. It also offers alerts for account balances, night and direct deposits, notary services, wire transfers, ATMs, guarantee and ATM services, as well as reordering and cashier’s checks, debit, gift, reloadable and payroll cards, card valets, and safe deposit box. The company also offers services in trust planning, financial planning and estate planning, as well as retirement planning and insurance advice. The company serves both individuals and businesses. offers a FREE daily email newsletter