The publisher is chief executive officer of Ryanair

Covid-19 is a catastrophe for Europe, its residents as well as its organizations. Few industries have already been hit since tough as the airline industry. Carriers which are necessary for Europes connection and they are the lifeblood of business task and tourism have experienced need failure and their particular viability jeopardised.

With the right response, we could maintain the disaster short-term. But by letting the richest europe again prop up their bloated flag companies, without any or inadequate circumstances connected, the EU risks harming the fitness of European aviation and the single market long after the pandemic went. This would be a betrayal of this EUs historical success in creating a dynamic solitary market in air travel.

Of training course, European businesses and staff members need short term assistance. And you can find cases of systems ready to accept all air companies, like the UKs Covid business Financing Facility. Germany has actually permitted all airlines to defer payment of air travel taxes.

Unfortunately, though, they're exceptions. Italys 500m Covid-19 investment is limited to air companies with a licence granted by Italy, in breach of EU guidelines. France is only going to defer taxes for French banner providers. And Sweden has actually omitted all airlines based outside its territory from its 455m loan guarantee plan.

An eye-watering 9bn was already authorized without problems to prop up Air France, SAS, Condor and Finnair; across weekend, the fee dropped its initial demands and conformed a much-diluted bundle of obligations in return for an archive 9bn in state help to Lufthansa; more is on route like the pledged 2-4bn help bundle from Netherlands for KLM.

Ryanair has not obtained any aid given to country-of-origin air companies. Nor tend to be we requesting it. But we do want an amount playing industry. We have been a truly European airline, maybe not a national one. We always responded to crises by tightening our buckle and innovating. Here is the method ahead for European aviation.

The EU needs to rediscover the courage it had when it took on vested passions and developed the solitary aviation regime: the very first time airlines could travel to and from any place in European countries. This was a regulatory change. We alongside low-fare airlines switched it into commercial truth, generating brand-new paths at affordable prices, switching the mentality of European travellers and changing the commercial fortunes of isolated areas and despondent places over the continent.

Todays bailouts tend to be regressive, unjust and illegal. They're going to set the clock back, threatening the ongoing future of European aviation about around the pandemic itself. The fee must protect its independence, remain firm against powerful member states, uphold what the law states, and develop just one, coherent framework that encourages competition, connection and a cleaner environment.

State support needs to be permitted just on strict circumstances: it must never be reserved for airlines while it began with the country giving the aid, it must be accessible to all, time-limited, and targeted on relieving cashflow dilemmas, like payroll support and suspension system or deferral of aviation taxes, airport charges and air-traffic control costs. The fee must handle the largest distortion of all: the prejudice towards national airlines from big nations with deep pouches.

Covid-19 is receding to the level in which we could prepare to resume flying in time for summer time. Using correct wellness measures set up, this can kick-start the tourist industry. Now could be maybe not enough time to relax the solitary marketplace and undo its enormous advantages. In the end we've been through, it could be a tragedy if European atmosphere transport emerges from the pandemic less competitive than prior to, with ineffective monopolies effectively renationalised and liberated to boost fares, decrease option and engage in predatory conduct that drives affordable rivals from the marketplace.