Diner slams restaurant manager's 'rude' response after family member uses wrong toilet

A family was left in shock at Newcastle's Revolucion de Cuba at a manager with the 'manners of a reversing dump truck'

Diner slams restaurant manager's 'rude' response after family member uses wrong toilet

A disgruntled customer has slammed a restaurant manager for having 'the manners of a reversing dump truck' in a scathing one-star review.

One diner visited Newcastle's Revolucion de Cuba with his family for what should have been a happy meal out at Christmas.

But when one of his party arrived back from using the toilet, the group was met by an angry restaurant manager.

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Titled 'incredibly rude manager', the diner posted on Tripadvisor: 'Only the main floor was in use, however there were no signs up to say where guests could or could not go.

'One of my family members went to use the loo downstairs and no staff members had said anything. Once she came back, the manager had come over to our table demanding to know 'where have you just been'.'

He says he explained to the manager that they had just used the toilet downstairs, but was met with a shocking reply.

'She rudely responded with 'well yous shouldn't have gone there, it's closed'. We told her we weren't aware of this and there were no signs to say that it was closed,' he said.

'Again, she replied with a rude response and stated 'well I'm just tellin' ya, yous shouldn't have gone', instead of apologising that no one had told us otherwise.'

The diner noted that a number of other staff in the restaurant looked 'awkward' and 'embarrassed' at the situation. He added: '[The manager] needs to learn some lessons in grace and decorum, as she has all the manners of a reversing dump truck.'

The general manager of Revolucion de Cuba responded to the disgruntled diner on Tripadvisor to address his concerns.

'I believe we responded to your wife yesterday via email,' said the general manager. 'I have spoken with [the manager] and her account of events matches the one in which you gave. She is correct by explaining to you that you are unable to use the restrooms in our Havana Clubroom, as this floor is not open to the public during the week.

'That being said, the tone in which this should have been explained to you should not have made you feel like you were being spoken to like a child, so for that, I do sincerely apologise. I have shared your message with [the manager], and I have explained to her how she should have approached the situation and she has taken this on board.'

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