If information is the newest oil, then stock exchange groups tend to be quickly getting petrol channels for financial services. deutsche brse picked up a fresh group of pumps with connected convenience shop recently after agreeing to get a big part risk in shareholder advisory team institutional shareholder services for 1.9bn.

Iss is a robust provider of suggestions about how investors should vote on from takeovers to executive pay. purchasing the us-based company should assist deutsche brse capitalise on growing need from people for recommendations on ethical financial investment, marshalled in banner of ecological, personal and governance or esg. iss should mesh along with other supplementary solutions sold by the german groups clearstream subsidiary.

Data, analytics and research are becoming a significant company for exchange operators. they yield dependable subscriptions profits as opposed to volatile income from directories and securities trading. london stock-exchange groups ambitious purchase of analytics and information platform refinitiv for $27bn reflected equivalent trend.

Lse, which deutsche brse didn't get in 2017, features outpaced and outgrown its erstwhile suitor by getting information assets, notably list compilers. iss is just too tiny to redress the balance for deutsche brse, but does run in an appealing niche. it leads a successful global duopoly in governance-related things with a 63 per cent share of the market, far ahead of competing glass lewis.

This duopoly, combined with the rapid growth of three huge united states passive supervisors, raises concerns regarding a focus of voting power. these may ultimately use within the expanding field of esg also. but honest investment defectively needs better standardisation. that provides groups such as iss a considerable growth chance.

Scarcity worth is another explanation deutsche brse is having to pay a full cost for iss. this equates to 23 times this many years ebitda, reasonably limited to an information solutions sector trading closer to 20 times.

Deutsche brses own shares trade at a high discount to those of lse. the german team would have to do some bolt-on deals to energise its stock as comprehensively as the uk teams transformative acquisition of refinitiv assets did.

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