Crantale Estates Limited announced its initiative to introduce the trust management for commercial and residential opportunities located in Paraguay.

With the real estate investments processes gaining pace worldwide the asset management service also becomes more and more demanded. This service enables the client to entrust the management of it assets, including the real estate, to professionals. Smells like wrong food? Not quite. Speaking of real estate this type of service is indeed popular and not without a reason. Sometimes the customer or investor simply cannot control all issues or processes related to the property unit. Not all individuals can spend their time managing the unit simply due to being away from country, or having other business to deal with. Lack of experience in realty sphere can result in fear of investing in this type of asset. Because of lack of confidence the clients can pass realty got opportunities that can bring them significant income.

All this problems can be solved with professionals controlling the situation. Clients do not need to be at place all the time watching over their newly-acquired unit. Team of professionals will take care of all possible problems and will take actions to turn the property into a golden coin.

Crantale Estates Limited has implemented the asset management service on its domestic market after a year of activity start. On Cyprus this company has been investing in various clusters of realty sphere helping its clients and assisting them during all stages of property acquisition and after that. Now Crantale Estates Limited plans to implement this service in Paraguay. Demand for property remains to be stable and is not going to fade out. Asset management option may become another trump card in its sleeve.

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