Corrections: July 9, 2023

Corrections: July 9, 2023


The number of Herzog & de Meuron employees was misrepresented in an article published on Page 11 of this weekend. There are more than 560 employees, not 600.


Kyle Chayka's 'The longing for less: living with minimalism' was published in 2020, not 2021. This was incorrectly stated by the Living Small article last Sunday. It was released in 2020 and not 2021.


A weekend article about Guam on Page 22 misrepresents the size of an environmental impact statement. The statement was longer than 8,000 pages, not 10,000. The article describes a lawsuit that was filed over the location of the proposed live firing range in an inaccurate manner. After the Navy changed its plans, it was determined that the lawsuit had become moot. The plaintiffs were not successful.

In an article published on the 2nd of July, Marcos Witt, a Christian musician and Pastor was incorrectly referred to as a teenager when Maria Magdalena Rado de Espinoza first began listening his music. She was not a teenager, but in her 20s.