The class of real estate represented by villas and private houses keeps gaining popularity among the visitors of Dominican Republic. These units have always been in the main scope of the customers still the crisis has influenced the demand. The world downturn stroke hard and customers from the US and Europe were not that active on the market of Latin America. The recovery period is going to change the situation drastically. Now when the clients are surer in their financial capabilities and stability of the market they are ready to invest in this asset. Apart from that Europe is far from being the most stable market of the world. Therefore clients from that area more and more think of acquiring real estate beyond the territory of the EU.

This market on the contrary starts its active development. In future the current investments can secure the capital holders with stable income.  In this way real estate like villa is the best option as long as the customers can let it on lease or use for personal needs spending vacation here or longer periods of the life. Certain clients choose the areas like Dominican Republic as the second residence.
Right now Conima Estates LLC is ready to offer 21 more units of villa class in Dominican Republic. The units vary in terms of price and footage.

Via active investments Conima Estates LLC hopes to extend its portfolio by adding new units. The more premises the company can offer the more sophisticated requirements of the clients can be satisfied. The next month will see the meeting of the Board members. This event will decide the further financial objectives of Conima Estates LLC on the territory of Dominican Republic.

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