๐ŸŒŽ Cloudy tales from Amazon

The article discusses Amazon's new cloud-based data storage system, and how it may be used to store sensitive information.

๐ŸŒŽ Cloudy tales from Amazon

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Amazon's first quarter results showed signs of an economy slowdown. Companies have cut back on their cloud spending, while consumers are concerned about costs due to persistent inflation.

As confirmation, the US GDP growth slowed to just 1.1% in the same quarter. This might not be the best news, but the truth is that it's only the beginning.

World is not meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to a UN report, only 12% of targets are on track. The report predicts that there will be more hunger in 2030 than 2015.

Softbank has made it clear that Arm is at the forefront of its portfolio. Rene Haas was appointed to Softbank's Board ahead of Arm's historic IPO.

The Chinese police visited Bain & Co in Shanghai without warning. The country is increasing its scrutiny on foreign firms, but it's just business as usual.

Elon Muskโ€™s views on censorship can be complex and sometimes erroneous. However, the social media company that he runs today is seeing real censorship in countries all over the world.

Twitter received 53,000 legal requests to remove content in the first half 2022. This was before the Chief Twit took control. India was the first to censor content, and its efforts are on the rise.

Electric vehicles are changing this status quo. The internal combustion engine was unrivaled in the past century. They will save at least 5 million barrels of oil a day by 2030. "Cars are only the first wave. Electric buses and trucks will soon follow."

Fatih Birol is the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. He was speaking about a recent IEA study that showed a fifth (up from 4%) of global auto sales this year will be electric. One country will emerge as the clear leader.

Do you like wildfires?" "Do you like wildfires? "Do you want it to be destroyed?"

BP's executives were asked these questions, sprinkled among the expletives, during the annual shareholder meeting held yesterday. Helge Lind, the chairman of the oil giant, was not amused. The full story is here.

The FAA allowed SpaceX to launch Starship Starship without the normal pad protections

The seizure by Russia of assets belonging to two foreign companies is a warning shot for the West

General Motors pulls the plug on Chevy Bolt

Another US Supreme Court Justice obscured a Real Estate Deal

The ispace lander that never made it to the Moon shows just how difficult it is to land on the Moon

BTS: A look at the rise of BTS, who became the top-selling act in the world

Bamboo is rayon. The super-soft material used by companies is not new.

Leonardo DiCaprio, a Malaysian entrepreneur, and a '90s rapper were all involved in a criminal trial that lasted for weeks. Leo DiCaprio was at the trial because of Martin Scorseseโ€™s The Wolf of Wall Street, but this doesn't really explain anything.

The 45-year old Voyager 2 is going to live a little longer. NASA scientists have a clever trick up their sleeve.

Colorado farmers can now fix their own tractors, combines and other farm equipment. It was not a matter of skill, but of law.

Prepare for the Ocean Census. Organisers think there are more than 100,000 species yet to be discovered.

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