Carlson, Still Under Contract at Fox, Says He Will Start New Show on Twitter

Carlson, Still Under Contract at Fox, Says He Will Start New Show on Twitter

Tucker Carlson is no longer with Fox News

Twitter claimed that the negotiations between him and the network to achieve a separation amicable had failed.

By Benjamin Mullin

5:55 p.m.

Tucker Carlson declared on Tuesday, "We're Back," that he would be starting a brand new show on Twitter. This was a sign of the failure of negotiations with Fox News to come to an amicable agreement. He is still contracted at Fox News.

Mr. Carlson did not provide any details about when or what type of content his new show would contain. This highlights the uncertainty surrounding his departure from Fox News and could ultimately block his return to a prominent position in conservative media.

Fox Corporation's representative, who has been in negotiations with Mr. Carlson since last week when he was removed from the air, declined to comment.

The remarks of Mr. Carlson, which were posted on Twitter, comprised a monologue that lasted three minutes and was delivered directly to camera. The tweet itself may violate his contract with Fox which prohibits Mr. Carlson to host a show on a different network.

Mr. Carlson began his monologue by criticizing the news industry. He said that it was incapable of reporting the truth.

"After spending more than 30 year in the middle, we can tell you many stories," said Carlson. He opted for a checkered button-up shirt instead of his usual jacket and tie.