Canada sees record population growth in 2022 from immigration

In 2022, Canada saw a record population growth with immigration accounting for the majority of the 1.05 million new residents.

Canada sees record population growth in 2022 from immigration


Canada experienced a record-breaking population growth in 2022. The vast majority of the 1.05million new residents were born to immigrants.

According to Statistics Canada's Wednesday press release, this is the first time that the country has seen its population grow by more than one-million people in 12 months.

According to statistics, the total population grew by 2.7% to 39,566,248 millions on January 1. The country's statistics agency estimates that immigration accounted for 95.9%.

Canada is the most populous G7 country, with a 2.7% annual growth rate, ranking among the top 20 worldwide. Other developed countries are struggling to cope with slower population growth.

Statistics Canada stated that if the country's population continued to grow at the same pace, it would double in 26 years.

According to Statistics Canada, the record number of immigrants who arrived in Canada in 2022 was 437,180. This increase is attributed to the Government of Canada's efforts to alleviate labour shortages in key economic sectors.

According to the agency, "High job vacancies are occurring in a context when population aging in Canada has accelerated and the unemployment rate is near record low,"

The Canadian government announced in late 2022 that it plans to admit 1.5 million immigrants to its economy by 2025 to fill the gap created by an aging population.

Gallup's Migrant Acceptance Index ranks Canada highest. Gallup data released December 7, 2012 found that Canadians are consistent among the most likely to view their communities as places where migrants can live.

Statistics Canada warns that there could be future problems if the trend continues in 2022.

According to the agency, a rise in permanent and temporary immigrants could pose additional challenges to some areas of the country with regard to housing, infrastructure, transportation and delivery of services to the population.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently under pressure from political opponents to address concerns about migration levels. This is due to an increase in people coming into Canada from the US.

According to government data, Canadian authorities met almost 5,000 illegally crossing asylum seekers in January.