Eileen murray, the former co-chief executive of bridgewater associates, has reached a settlement with the hedge fund after filing a lawsuit alleging it tried to silence her voice in a gender discrimination dispute.

Ms murray, who in april left the hedge fund founded by ray dalio, filed the suit in july claiming bridgewater had refused to pay deferred compensation of between $20m and $100m.

Ms murray alleged the company took the action after she told the financial industry regulatory authority ahead of being named chairperson of the industry body that she was in a dispute with bridgewater over unequal treatment and significant unpaid compensation due her.

In the suit, she called it an improper gambit to silence her voice. she alleged that the circumstances around her departure had given rise to claims against bridgewater based on gender discrimination, unequal pay, and breach of contract.

On monday, neither ms murray nor bridgewater disclosed the details of their agreement.

Ms murray, who served as co-chief executive for seven years, said in a statement that she had arrived at an amicable and fair agreement with bridgewater.

I am proud of my time at bridgewater and of the impact that david [mccormick] and i had as co-ceos, she said, adding that together they had helped to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

We are pleased that we were able to amicably and fairly resolve the discussions around eileens post-employment benefits, bridgewater said in a statement confirming the settlement. we have a tremendous amount of respect for eileen and the many contributions she made to bridgewater during her 10 years of helping to lead the company.

Ms murray joined bridgewater in 2009, having spent almost two decades at morgan stanley. she took over as co-chief executive in 2013 alongside greg jensen, who is now co-chief investment officer at the group. his successor, former apple executive jon rubinstein, lasted less than a year before being replaced by mr mccormick, who is now sole chief executive.

In addition to serving as chairperson of finra, ms murray has been named to the boards of hsbc and the guardian life insurance company.