Bilfinger (ETR:GBF) Shares Down 5.5%

The stock price of ) fell by 5.5% on the Friday. The stock was traded as low at EUR34.20 ($37.58), and as recently as EUR35.72. During trading, 222,021 stocks changed hands, an increase by 3% over the average session volume, which was 215,878. The stock closed previously at EUR37.80 (USD41.54).

Analyst Upgrades and downgrades

UBS Group, in a research report published on February 15th, set a EUR28.00 target price ($30.77). The company's fifty-day moving price is EUR38.39, and its 200-day moving price is EUR32.83. The company's current ratio is 1.36, its quick ratio is 1.31 and its debt-to equity ratio is 41.14.

Bilfinger Company Profile

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Bilfinger SE offers industrial services primarily to the process industry in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The company provides engineering, project management, turnaround services, rotating equipment inspection, maintenance and maintenance of nuclear power plants. The company also offers services for the construction of new nuclear power plants and decommissioning, as well as treatment of radioactive materials, nuclear fusion. offers a FREE daily email newsletter