While silicon valley and big tech have actually welcomed the news that previous san francisco bay area region attorney kamala harris is to be joe bidens operating spouse, gig economic climate companies ought to have reservations.

Both biden and harris are promoting resistance to proposition 22, the california ballot measure supported by doordash, lyft and uber to establish rideshare and delivery motorists as contractors rather than employees.

This proposes a biden administration might go after wider utilization of californias effort on gig employees rights. into the newest relocate hawaii, san franciscos lead prosecutor submitted for a preliminary injunction against doordash on wednesday, which will quickly force the company to reclassify its food delivery workers as workers this following days after a judge dramatically granted a similar demand in a case against uber and lyft.

Lyft stated on an earnings ask wednesday it can suspend businesses in california if it had been forced to reclassify its motorists as employees. uber threatened a similar thing earlier.

Lyft is within the tighter spot using its operations focused in california plus the united states. it is currently under pressure from coronavirus, stating a 61 per cent fall in profits in the second one-fourth, although it stated yesterday it absolutely was witnessing signs and symptoms of recovery as towns begun to reopen from lockdowns.

Lex states lyfts continuous losses mean it'll need to boost more income and, because of the share price on a downward trajectory, it will have to give a lot more of the company away for fresh capital.alphaville is even gloomier: it states the jig may be up when it comes to gig economy amid ride-hailings collapsing home of cards.

1. uk contact tracing programs better betathe uk government announced on thursday that tests of a fresh coronavirus contact-tracing software had been under method. the most recent variation will also help people assess their amount of threat by giving them detail by detail information about the illness price in confirmed location, and enabling them to order a test and supplying the outcomes.

2. cisco shares plunge on product sales warningthe cloud and information centres are meant to be flourishing inside pandemic, but cisco systems shares are down above 11 % these days after the community gear maker warned that its current quarter to october might create a level larger drop-off in sales than it experienced through the razor-sharp contraction of the very most current 3 months.

3. lenovo states powerful growththe worlds largest computer maker is profiting from providing new gear for working-from-home age. lenovo reported product sales rose 7 % to $13.3bn the summer one-fourth. its twin head office in beijing and new york may offer it some protection from us-china trade tensions.

4. twitter still hosting fake-review groupsfacebook groups enabling the development of fraudulent amazon reviews tend to be flourishing, seven months after the social network assured the uks competitors regulator it can control the behavior. an investigation in which? found dozens of teams arranged to game amazons analysis system by offering refunds or commissions in exchange for favourable reviews.

5. ripple seeks brand-new uses for blockchain techthe creator of this xrp cryptocurrency is striking out in an innovative new direction as product sales stall, reports richard waters. it is trying to become the amazon of cryptocurrency globe, which consists of platform to aid activities far beyond the initial cross-border payments system it hoped to construct.

Column chart of worth of xrp marketed each quarter ($m) showing ripples cryptocurrency product sales stall

Holvi, the finnish fintech supplying banking for single traders and smaller businesses, this week stated it waspulling out from the ukless than half a year after launch, mentioning enhanced doubt over coronavirus and brexit. the departure uses n26, the german challenger bank,pulled out from the ukin february, also mentioning brexit (although in addition most likely inspired by low client grip and regulatory issues) and highlights just how tough the united kingdom market in fact is for new banks.various other worrying fintech development this week, revolut said that losses had tripledin the final economic year to 107.4m. this then followed an equivalent widening of losses at electronic banking competitorsmonzo and starling.nonetheless it was not all bad news foreuropean start-ups. finland'svarjo raised $54min fresh financing only 1 . 5 years after the launch of its very first digital and blended truth headset, in a sign there are however investors prepared to back this unfashionable industry. and new capital raising funds remain becoming established, with one this week calledla famigliabacked by some of germanys biggest commercial names like mittal, oetker and swarovski. founding partner jeannette zu frstenberg is a hereditary princess.

Shiftcams multi-lens product for iphone xs maximum and iphone 11 gives a smartphone digital camera considerable new potential, writes jonathan margolis. a five-lens version adds telephoto, fisheye, specially good 10x and 20x macro contacts and the dark horse a (slightly fiddly) polarising filter, as employed by experts to destroy reflections from shiny areas. things get more interesting with all the range of prolenses, that could be screwed on to the instance. including a 135 12mm lens for ultrawide photographs without distortions, which does the work of dslr contacts costing 10 times the maximum amount of.