Biden Brings the Stars to the White House

The president gave out National Medals of Arts and National Humanities Medals to many famous musicians, actors, writers, and other people.

Biden Brings the Stars to the White House

WASHINGTON -- It's Celebrity Week at The White House.

On Tuesday, President Biden hosted a group of well-known figures from the arts.

After meeting with cast members of the hit TV show Ted Lasso's, Mr. Biden presented National Medals of Arts & National Humanities Medals on a slew of highly acclaimed actors, musicians, and writers, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Gladys Knight, Amy Tan, and Colson Whitehead.

At a White House ceremony, Mr. Biden stated that the work of honorees was as varied as the nation which celebrates them today. But they are all connected by common threads, which include the pursuit of excellence and drive to create, yearning for connection and boldness to be truth-tellers, bridge builders, and change seekers. You are masters of what you do.

These events are a great perk of being president. They also provide a welcome break from the difficult issues of war or peace that dominate so much of the Situation Room's schedule. As he mingled with stars from the stage, screen, literature, and classroom, Mr. Biden was in a particularly positive mood. He joked with Ms. Knight about how he might'mess your hair' if he draped medals over their heads.


He was especially pleased to receive 'President Julia Louis–Dreyfus', who was a vice president who ascensioned to the Oval Office via 'Veep and made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention 2020 on Mr. Biden’s behalf.

"I'm going talk to Julia today about whether or not she likes being V.P. Biden stated that he preferred being president to the crowd. "I have to figure that one out.

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He said that he was able to recall meeting Vera Wang, the legendary fashion designer, backstage prior to the event and telling her: 'Everytime I open the closet I see her.

Jill Biden, his wife, was furious and said so. "What are you saying this for?" He quoted her saying.

"It's all these labels!" He said.

He then turned to Ms. Wang. "You knew what I meant, didn't it?" He asked. "I suppose I could have said it better when I said, "I open the closet, you see me all the time." He added, "Your dresses always look beautiful upon my wife, God loves her."

On Tuesday, the honorees in this category included Judith Francisca Baca, an artist and social activist; Fred Eychaner, the arts patron; Jose Feliciano, the comedian and actor Mindykaling; Antonio Martorell–Cardona; Joan Shigekawa (film and television producer), and the International Association of Blacks in Dance.

The honorees for the humanities category included the poet and author Richard Blanco, the educator Johnnetta B. Cole, the biographer Walter Isaacson, the social historian Earl Lewis, the Native American studies scholar Henrietta Mann, the novelist Ann Patchett, Bryan Stevenson, the social justice lawyer Bryan Stevenson, and Tara Westover, the memoirist, and 'Native America Calling', the radio call-in show.

He recognized Mr. Whitehead and noted that he was the only writer to win the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for Back-to-Back Works, 'The Underground Railroad' or 'The Nickel Boys'.

The first-term president, who hoped to be a second-term President, said, "Pretty good, man." "I'm looking for back-toback myself.