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Speaker McCarthy: A weakened leader or emboldened survivor?

AP News Summary at 2:38 p.m. EST

Speaker McCarthy: A weakened leader or emboldened survivor?WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Kevin McCarthy is the new House speaker, but it took days and days, and 15 roll call votes, ending early Saturday. But as bruising as it was for McCarthy, his struggle to secure the job may be a prelude to the chaos ahead. To win over his detractors, McCarthy had to agree to relinquish some of the very powers he'll need to lead, and the deal means giving colleagues the ability to oust him as speaker with a vote.

So in that regard, McCarthy emerges a weakened leader who might not be able to do much in the job or even keep it. But he's also a survivor who's seen as emboldened by his victory.McCarthy elected House speaker in rowdy post-midnight voteWASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Kevin McCarthy has been elected House speaker on a historic post-midnight 15th ballot, overcoming holdouts from his own ranks. Floor tensions boiled over into shouting after a chaotic week that tested the new GOP majority's ability to govern.

But McCarthy prevailed in the end as he had said he would. 'Now the hard work begins,' he declared as supporters cheered. During four days of grueling ballots, McCarthy flipped more than a dozen conservative holdouts to supporters.

Then a few of the remaining holdouts switched to merely vote 'present," dropping the tally McCarthy needed to win. Members were finally sworn into office.Ukraine hails US military aid as cease-fire said to falterKYIV, Ukraine (AP) -- Ukraine's president is praising the United States for including tank-killing vehicles in its latest multibillion-dollar package of military aid. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the Bradley armored vehicles are 'exactly what is needed' for Ukrainian troops locked in combat against Russian forces.

Ukrainian authorities said that a Moscow-declared temporary truce for Orthodox Christmas appeared to have been ignored by some of Russia's forces pressing ahead with the nearly 11-month invasion. Continued Russian shelling and assaults were reported in the fiercely contested Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense in Britain said Saturday in its daily readout on the invasion that 'fighting has continued at a routine level. "Heart screening may not have prevented Hamlin's collapseQuick on-the-field emergency care is widely credited with helping save Damar Hamlin's life, but it's unclear if his cardiac arrest could have been prevented with screening.

Doctors have said they're still evaluating what caused Hamlin's heart to stop after a tackle during Monday night's Bills-Bengals game. One possibility is a fluke type of chest trauma that is impossible to predict or prevent. Existing heart conditions are the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes.

Cardiac testing including EKGs and echocardiograms can sometimes detect them. But these tests can't detect all heart conditions. And they sometimes miss ones that can be deadly.Mayor: Teacher shot by 6-year-old 'red flag for the country'RICHMOND, Va.

(AP) -- A Virginia teacher who was critically injured when she was was shot by a 6-year-old student in Newport News is showing signs of improvement. Newport News Mayor Phillip Jones said Saturday that the teacher's condition is 'trending in a positive direction' as she remains hospitalized. Authorities say the boy shot and wounded the teacher in a first-grade classroom on Friday at Richneck Elementary School.

Police Chief Steve Drew said the shooting was not accidental and was part of an altercation. No students were injured. Jones declined to release additional details about what led to the altercation.

He also would not comment on how the boy got access to the gun or who owns the weapon.AP PHOTOS: Snow is a no-show as Europe feels the winter heatRAMSAU, Austria (AP) -- Mild weather has left many regions of Europe that would normally be blanketed in snow at this time of year bare, and winter sports resorts are fearing for the future. Many are using snow machines to make artificial pistes, leaving thin white lines snaking through otherwise green and brown landscapes. Experts say this season's lack of snow offers a glimpse of winters to come, as global temperatures keep rising due to human-caused climate change.

The impact is likely to be felt far beyond the regional tourist industry. Winter snow in European mountains such as the Alps is an important natural water store for parts of a continent that's already suffering regular droughts the rest of the year.States target transgender health care in first bills of 2023Republican state lawmakers are following up a midterm election and record flow of anti-transgender legislation last year by zeroing in on bodily autonomy with proposals to limit gender-affirming health care and abortion access. More than two dozen bills seeking to restrict transgender health care access have been pre-filed in 11 states.

Other bills targeting transgender people are expected in several additional states with GOP majorities. Gender-affirming health care providers and parents of trans youths are the primary targets. A growing list of other proposals across statehouses target drag performances, bathroom use, LGBTQ discussions in schools and medical gender transitions beyond age 18.W.Va.

journalist let go after reporting on abuse allegationsCHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- A West Virginia journalist lost her job after she reported about alleged abuse of people with disabilities in state care. Amelia Ferrell Knisely, a reporter at West Virginia Public Broadcasting, said she was told to stop reporting on the Department of Health and Human Resources after agency leaders 'threatened to discredit' the publicly-funded television and radio network.

She later learned her part-time position was being eliminated. Knisely said her news director told her the order came from WVPB Executive Director Butch Antolini, former communications director for Republican Gov..

Antolini declined to comment, but other officials denied any effort to influence coverage.Drugstores make slow headway on staffing problemsDrugstore chains are still trying to find enough employees to put a stop to temporary pharmacy closures. More than a year ago, a rush of vaccines, virus tests and a busy flu season overwhelmed many drugstores. The stores have made improvements.

Major chains now routinely close pharmacy counters for lunch. They're dangling signing bonuses and raising pay. They also are spreading out workloads.

Experts say more customer patience and bigger changes may be needed. One says there isn't a pharmacist shortage. He says there's a shortage of pharmacists who want to work in high-stress environments.Golden Globes are back on TV, but are reform efforts enough?NEW YORK (AP) -- A year after their mighty fall, the battered, 80-year-old Golden Globes are back on NBC.

After dumping the telecast last year, the network decided to go ahead Tuesday under a limited, one-year broadcast deal. The Globes promise to be starry once again after the embattled Hollywood Foreign Press Association spent months working on reforms aimed at eliminating the taint of sexism, lack of diversity and ethical and financial lapses among its members. Some powerful stakeholders are on board with progress so far.

But they acknowledge more must be done. The Globes air Tuesday on NBC at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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