AIREA (LON:AIEA) Stock Price Down 6.9%

The share price of ) fell 6.9% on Wednesday. The company traded down to GBX 32.11 ($0.42), and traded last at GBX 34.50 ($0.42). A total of 43,116 shares were traded, which is 61% more than the average daily trading volume of 26,708. The stock closed previously at GBX36 ($0.45).

AIREA Stock Performance

The market cap is PS13.85m, the PE ratio is 1,116.67, and beta is 1.00. The company's quick ratio is 1.66, its current ratio is 3.29, and it has a debt to equity ratio of 17.79. A dividend was also announced by the company, and will be paid out on Thursday, 18th May. Investors who held shares on Thursday, 20th April will receive a dividend payment of GBX 0,50 ($0.01) each. The dividend is payable on Thursday, 20th April. This yield is 1.32%. The payout ratio of AIREA is 3,333.33%.

Insider Buying & Selling

Insider Mederic Paige bought 78,000 shares in the company's stock on Thursday, 14th April. Stock was purchased at GBX 37 ($0.47) on average per share for a total of PS28.860 ($36.416.40). Insiders own 28.71%.

What is AIREA?

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AIREA plc and its subsidiaries design, manufacture, market, and distribute floor coverings throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. The company's product portfolio includes fiber-bonded, structure-bonded, entrance matting, and tufted loop pile carpet tiles. It also offers a variety of carpet planks under the Burmatex brand for architects, specifiers, and contractors working in education, leisure and commercial sectors, healthcare and the public sector. offers a FREE daily email newsletter