5 things to know for July 13: Actors strike, Heat waves, Ukraine, Fox News, Moon mission

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5 things to know for July 13: Actors strike, Heat waves, Ukraine, Fox News, Moon mission


The Las Vegas Strip was filled with tourists who witnessed a dramatic scene Wednesday. A man is alleged to have taken a woman captive in a Caesars Palace Hotel room. After video footage showed him tossing a television and other items off the 21st-floor, the city's SWAT squad apprehended him.

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Strike by actors

After talks with major studios about fair pay and streaming services failed, a union representing around 160,000 Hollywood actors will go on strike. After a failed final day of talks on Wednesday, the SAG/AFTRA union members will stop work on film and television productions for the first time since 1980. Today, at noon PDT in Los Angeles a news conference will be held where union leaders may announce the official start of the strike. SAG-AFTRA will join more than 11,000 writers Guild of America members who have been striking against the same studios from the beginning of May.

Heat waves

Heat waves are expected to set new temperature records across the US and Europe in the next few days. Phoenix, in the Southwestern US has experienced temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit each day for this entire month. Meteorologists are predicting record heat for this weekend. Some areas will reach a scorching 119 degrees. Nearly 70% of Americans will experience temperatures above 90 degrees in the coming week. More than 55 millions people will also see temperatures above 100 degrees. In Europe, the heat wave caused at least one death and several tourists to be incapacitated by heat stroke. In Italy, temperatures could reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit by Friday.

  1. Ukraine

NATO's summit ended on Wednesday, with G7 allies reassuring President Volodymyr Zelensky that they are united with Ukraine and that there is a path for his country to join the powerful alliance. Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, said that he had 'no question' that Ukraine would join NATO after its war with Russia was over. He added that there is still work to do to bring Ukraine's training and equipment up to NATO standards. Separately one of Russia's top generals who was involved in the war in Ukraine has been dismissed after accusing his defense minister of betraying Russian troops by not providing enough support. Analysts say it is unprecedented to dismiss a senior general amid a public dispute about the Russian campaign.

How can Ukraine join NATO

  1. Fox News

Three former Fox executives regret their role in helping Rupert Murdoch turn Fox News into an international TV force. In a statement released on Wednesday, Preston Padden and Ken Solomon as well as Bill Reyner blasted Fox News for being a "disinformation machine" that they "profoundly regret" helping to shape during its early years. Padden, Solomon and Reyner were Fox's Washington lobbyists. Solomon was Fox’s vice president for network distribution while Reyner served as the outside counsel. The statement was released on the same day the right-wing channel was sued for defamation. This is the latest suit Fox News has been involved in for spreading false conspiracy theories about election results. In April, Fox News reached a settlement of $787.5 Million with Dominion Voting Systems. This was after the network's high-profile hosts spread lies about the company on air.

  1. Moon mission

China wants to be the second nation in the world to land people on the Moon. Chinese officials revealed new details on Wednesday about a manned moon mission that is expected to happen before 2030. The astronauts plan to land on the surface of the moon, collect samples, and conduct scientific exploration. According to the state-run press, Chinese researchers have been busy developing the equipment needed for the mission. This includes moon suits, lunar landers, manned satellites, and rovers. The latest in China's efforts to advance its space programme, which has experienced several breakthrough moments over the past few years, is this development.


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The basketball star, who had previously hinted at his possible retirement from the game, confirmed on Wednesday that he will be returning for at least one more year.

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The bottom line is that we will replenish.

Jennifer Granholm told CNN that the Biden Administration will replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the facility that holds the nation's biggest supply of crude oil for emergency situations. The US emergency oil reserves have plummeted to a 40-year low under President Joe Biden, as US officials have drained SPR to cushion the consumers from high gasoline prices.

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