4 Lessons From The World Championship Boxers

Successful sportspeople can teach us a lot about succeeding in the corporate world.

4 Lessons From The World Championship Boxers

The stories of Mary Kom, the Indian boxer who won the Olympic gold medal and six times world champion, gave me a great sense of pride as a child and inspired all of us to dream big dreams and achieve them. This boxer's achievements as an Olympic Medalist, six-time World Champion, Khel Ratna winner, Padma Shri recipient, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardee, member of parliament, mother of four, Padma Bhushan recipient, Padma Vibhushan recipient, Padma Bhushan recipient, Padma Bhushan nominee, Padma Vibhushan recipient, Padma Bhushan recipient, Padma Bhus Mary Kom's name is synonymous with boxing.

Boxing helps people learn how to deal with obstacles and develop strategies to achieve success. Every game and every sportsperson is a study in itself for entrepreneurs, CEOs managers, employees interns and anyone trying to succeed in the turbulent corporate world. Mary Kom and other pugilists have taught us four valuable lessons after winning the World Championship.

Nitu Ghanghas is the sixth Indian boxer who has been crowned World Champion. In a recent interview, the pugilist revealed what led up to her prestigious win. Coach Jagdish, a strict taskmaster, recalled that when Nitu first came to train with him he was amazed by her natural ability as a Southpaw boxer and her accuracy of straight punches despite training with boys. He feels that her introverted behavior is what helps her most. She would ask him after a win, "Ab kya karenge sir?" Ghanghas replied that "Boxing ne kochuna (boxing chose her)" when asked why she became a boxer. Her father wanted to her become a boxer because that was the only popular sport in Bhiwani where she grew up. The rumours about Coach Jagdish were true and they experienced it themselves when she was unable to relax during her first training session. Her father waited outside the class every time she trained, and this motivated her to push herself through the intense training.

Nikhat Zareen - Mental Strength and Confidence

Nikhat Zareen, a 26-year-old Arjuna awardee, believes that the formula for success is "Dedication, hardwork and sacrifices." Her father Mohammad Jameel Ahmed was her role model as she grew up. He was also a footballer, a footballer and he played cricket. Nikhat decided to devote her life to sport after she won the National Medal at the Junior National Boxing Championships in 2010. She is only the second woman, after Mary Kom, to win the women's world boxing championship two years in a row. One of her coaches said that she was full of confidence and practiced for long hours. She had a strong mentality, which helped her to grow. Zareen has spoken in the past about how boxing empowered her and that she became fearless once she learned how to defend herself.

Lovlina Borgohain, Olympic Bronze Medalist (69kg), and two-time World Champion Bronze Pugilist is the perfect example of how to break free from the chains and rise above the critics. Borgohain was awarded her first gold at the World Championship, and what better metal to change her bronze after her journey had been coined the "bronze jinx"? Borgohain said in an interview that she was happy to have changed the color of the medal. She also explained how she viewed the negative comments as "opportunities" and worked hard. In an interview after her victory, Borgohain shared how she was happy to change the color of her medal and that she took the negative comments as "opportunities and worked hard".

Saweety Boora - Never give up!

Saweety Boora, the first Indian woman to win in women's 81kg category, is an inspiration to everyone to never give up. Boora's journey has shown that hard work, dedication and a never-give-up attitude can get you far. In an interview with India Today, the boxer revealed that she avoided social media and news after her win. It helped her to focus and work harder. She trained from 5am to midnight. She would be asked to stop her training at post twelve by the security guard of her training center so that he can lock up his training facility and go home. Her determination won her the victory and brought greater pride to our nation.